Annotated Bibliography For Dietary Supplement Research

One NEBA Health goal is help you control your healthcare. We’ve complied over 150 studies that may inform decisions you make about our dietary supplement offerings. To that end we provide articles with both positive and negative findings. For example, we include articles documenting studies where Omega-3s have no effect and articles where Omega-3s show […]

Integration of an EEG biomarker with a clinician’s ADHD evaluation

This study is the first to evaluate an assessment aid for attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) according to both Class-I evidence stan- dards of American Academy of Neurology and De Novo requirements of US Food and Drug Administration. The assessment aid involves a method to inte- grate an electroencephalographic (EEG) biomarker, theta/beta ratio (TBR), with a […]

NEBA Health Key Results Summary

Because ADHD symptoms overlap with other diagnoses, it may be difficult for clinicians to determine if ADHD is the primary cause, ADHD symptoms are secondary to other diagnoses, or ADHD is simply comorbid with other diagnoses. The NEBA System includes a method to integrate an EEG biomarker for ADHD (standardized theta/beta ratio) with a clinician’s […]