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Force Field™ Zinc Supplement

Feel the full force effect of zinc in your diet! Each tablet of our zinc supplement supports a healthy immune system while maintaining brain structure and function.

Force Field Zinc

$21.99 or $18.69 every 50 days

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Highly Concentrated Formula
Force Field™ delivers 15mg of zinc in each tablet for a highly concentrated dose taken once daily.

Naturally Great Tasting
With a smooth chocolate flavor that contains no artificial colors or flavors, Force Field™ tastes great and works great, too.

Easy To Take
Force Field™ is here to help you get your zinc in a chewable tablet that’s great for both kids and adults.

Additional information

Weight 8.9 oz

Dextrose, cellulose, zinc picolinate, chocolate flavor, vanilla flavor, sucralose, magnesium stearate

Feel the full force effect of zinc in your diet! Each tablet of our zinc supplement supports a healthy immune system while maintaining brain structure and function.

Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Force Field™ Zinc Supplement

  1. Stevo k

    My 5 year old autistic son has been taking this zinc for about 2 years. I feel that his speech development has progressed in remarkable fashion since he started. His immune health has been unbelievable as well. Not a single cold since last December. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a zinc supplement. Tastes good too!

    • NEBA Health

      We are glad we helped. Many thanks! Indeed our zinc tastes great. Folks might sometimes struggle with the relatively awesome taste of Brain Booster, hurumph. But no doubt, everyone loves Force Field’s choco-great flavor!

  2. Dorota

    Awesome! — Really great supplements! My daughter loves them very much. She feels a lot better when taking these. Thanks to the chocolate taste and the supplements being chewable, it also makes them much more favorable for her to take. Will definitely keep purchasing these.

    • NEBA Health

      That’s great news! glad we can help.

  3. Anna H.

    Great product! — My kids do not like any vitamins and we have tried multiple brands. They love chocolate and this product gives them exactly what they like. Overall I’m very satisfied with this zinc supplement and highly recommend it.

    • NEBA Health

      Thx! we are happy to help!

  4. brittany b.

    Great product — My daughter loved these!! The chocolate taste and the fact that we can break the tablets in half are perfect for her!

    • NEBA Health

      We are so happy that your daughter loved Force Field! We designed the scorable tablets to put you in control of how much Zinc your kid receives. We are glad to know our product design is working in the real world! Be well!

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Research & More

Overall research trends show that supplementation with zinc promotes brain health. To learn more about the research and studies NEBA Health has completed and gathered regarding the benefits and facts about zinc visit the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our product does not contain any allergens.

We understand that Force Field™ may not be for everyone. Email our responsive customer service team at CustomerSupport@NEBAHealth.net and we will refund your money.

We put a lot of effort into formulating our products for taste and texture however, some kids on the ASD spectrum tolerate our products while others don’t.

Yes! Zinc can be taken along with other supplements like our Brain Booster™ Omega-3 or Captain Calm™ Magnesium. Taking these supplements together may play a part in maintaining brain health.

Yes. We don’t “private label” or “white label” any of our products. That is, we don’t buy any pre-made product and put our brand on it. We rigorously research and develop all our products through multiple iterations. We prototype them and test them to their specifications and for stability, flavor, appearance and the like until we get it right. But know that every one of our products is formulated by us and meets our specifications.

Yes, all of our products are made in the USA! We try to source all components from North America and Europe due to their reliable regulatory oversight that requires adherence to recognized quality standards for components.

No, we use a USA based mid-sized contract manufacturer in the rural northeastern USA called Trividia. In order to be considered for the position as our manufacturer, they had to have a quality system that meets FDA requirements. Since our company culture values quality and FDA conformance, they had to have a clean quality record. They also had to have a culture that matches ours. Any group we work with must value quality and customer safety over money.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.