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Captain Calm™ Magnesium Supplement

Keep calm with Captain Calm™! Each tablet of our magnesium supplement supports active bodily processes while helping to maintain a healthy memory.*

Captain Calm Magnesium

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Highly Concentrated Formula
Captain Calm delivers 100mg of magnesium in each tablet for a highly concentrated dose taken once daily.

Naturally Great Tasting
With a sour fruit flavor that contains no artificial colors or flavors, Captain Calm tastes great and works great, too.

Easy To Take
Captain Calm is here to help you get your magnesium in a chewable tablet that’s great for both kids and adults.

Additional information

Weight 9.1 oz

Dextrose, magnesium citrate, cellulose, natural apple flavor, vanilla flavor, citric acid, magnesium stearate, sucralose

Keep calm with Captain Calm! Each tablet of our magnesium supplement supports active bodily processes while helping to maintain a healthy memory.*

Customer Reviews

10 reviews for Captain Calm™ Magnesium Supplement

  1. Angelica M.

    Great product — I’m glad I finally found the perfect magnesium supplement my son will take. It has been a great help with his ADD, I notice the tantrums minimize when he is taking them. Plus the taste is great so he will definitely eat them.

    • NEBA Health

      Wow! We are so glad we can help. We are so happy that he likes the taste and that the magnesium helps. Now the legalese required by FDA: Captain Calm is not labeled to treat any disease or condition.

  2. Jeff S.

    Great taste — Magnesium my 4 year old will actually take. Taste great and seem to be working. He has been taking for almost 3 months and we are noticing some behavior changes and sleep improvement!

    • NEBA Health

      glad he likes it!

  3. Allison

    Finally one my kid will eat! — I’ve been trying to give my six year old magnesium for a few years now but he rejects the supplements due to taste, this one is the only one he will take.

    • NEBA Health

      That’s great news! we are glad we could help!

  4. Howard M.

    Restful night — I am the President of NEBA Health, and while I’ve tasted Captain Calm, and enjoyed the boost in affect this delicious supplement gives I’ve never had to use it, till last night. I woke up from unsettled sleep with a nervous panicky feeling which is entirely out of sorts for me. Also, my legs were cramped. I went down stairs and got a Captain Calm tablet and within 5 minutes I was starting to relax and within 10 minutes I was sound asleep with no more restlessness. So take it from me, I love this supplement.

    • NEBA Health

      You. R. The. Boss.

  5. Shawna

    Life saver! — My ten-year-old son is high functioning on the spectrum, has ADHD, and an anxiety disorder. Whether it’s due to the combination of meds or a side effect of his diagnosis, he has constant motor tics that affect every moment of his life. We have tried everything and the only thing that has made them completely stop was this product. We tried it as a blind study with him and it worked within days. When we ran out the tics were back within days. I highly recommend this product for others in the same situation.

    • NEBA Health

      Thank you for allowing us to help.

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Research & More

Overall research trends show that supplementation with Magnesium promotes brain health. To learn more about the research and studies NEBA Health has completed and gathered regarding the benefits and facts about Magnesium visit the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Captain Calm™ contains a relatively small amount of dextrose (also known as glucose, or table sugar.) We understand that excess sugar intake remains a concern for families which is why we made every effort to keep the amount low (2 grams).

While Magnesium citrate is a laxative when taken in large quantities, our small dose is unlikely to cause tummy trouble.

No, our product does not contain any allergens.

We understand that Captain Calm™ may not be for everyone. Email our responsive customer service team at CustomerSupport@NEBAHealth.net and we will refund your money.

We put a lot of effort into formulating our products for taste and texture however, some kids on the ASD spectrum tolerate our products while others don’t.

Yes! Magnesium can be taken with other supplements like our Brain Booster™ Omega-3 or Force Field™ Zinc. Taking these supplements together may play a part in maintaining brain health.*

Yes. We don’t “private label” or “white label” any of our products. That is, we don’t buy any pre-made product and put our brand on it. We rigorously research and develop all our products through multiple iterations. We prototype them and test them to their specifications and for stability, flavor, appearance and the like until we get it right. But know that every one of our products is formulated by us and meets our specifications.

Yes, all of our products are made in the USA! We try to source all components from North America and Europe due to their reliable regulatory oversight that requires adherence to recognized quality standards for components.

No, we use a USA based mid-sized contract manufacturer in the rural northeastern USA called Trividia. In order to be considered for the position as our manufacturer, they had to have a quality system that meets FDA requirements. Since our company culture values quality and FDA conformance, they had to have a clean quality record. They also had to have a culture that matches ours. Any group we work with must value quality and customer safety over money.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.