IS IT ADHD or something else?

NEBA Can help your clinician
put together a successful game

When planning your strategy, NEBA can help your clinician formulate an accurate game plan.

Parents: If your child is going to be evaluated for ADHD, email us or call 1-888-539-4267 and we will send you a NEBA provider list for your area, and a free Instant Savings card ($25). This offer is only for a limited time. Contact us now so we can help your clinician put together a game plan!

NEBA is a brainwave test; the first cleared by FDA to help your clinician determine if symptoms are due to ADHD or some other condition. NEBA - along with a traditional diagnostic work up for ADHD - will help your clinician understand better what’s causing your child’s symptoms. NEBA may confirm ADHD or NEBA may prompt your clinician to look for other things that might be causing ADHD-like symptoms.

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