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Get an edge — maintain your edge with Vector.

Introducing Vector, built to improve mental performance when it counts. Vector uses very low voltage electric current to stimulate your brain, improving your mental acuity. Early studies have already shown a correlation between performance improvement and transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS).

Are you looking for an edge? Vector could be the answer.

It’s available without a prescription and is easy to use.


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Easy to Use
Vector™ can be used at home with minimal set up required.

Vector™ is not for everyone.  See ‘Details’ to determine if Vector™ is right for you.

No Prescription Required
Vector™ offers no medical benefits and no health related claims are made.   Vector™ is easily accessible without a prescription, making it available to a majority of users.

As with any fitness regimen you should consult with your clinician before you begin using Vector™ to ensure you are healthy. Vector™ is not indicated for individuals who have a diagnosed mental or neurological illness or a history of brain injury. Other important cautions and warnings apply. Read the Vector™ User Manual (P/N 83047) prior to use and use only as directed.

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Weight 16 oz

We're On a Mission

At NEBA Health, our goal is to help you and your family optimize brain health with our products and services.

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