Captain Calm™ Magnesium Dietary Supplement

Captain Calm™ is a sour-apple flavored magnesium dietary supplement for kids and adults. With a chewable great tasting tablet, everybody clamors for Captain Calm™. We scored the tablet so you can easily snap it in half.

Magnesium is an essential partner in many bodily processes. For example, the body stores and releases energy using a molecule called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is basically the body’s battery. And, ATP needs Magnesium to carry out its vital mission. Magnesium is also important in maintaining a healthy memory. In the brain magnesium helps maintain normal function by regulating receptors essential for forming memories and for learning.

No prescription is required and Neba Health offers free shipping on this product.

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Our Captain Calm™ Magnesium Dietary Supplement is based on serious research.
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  • Great tasting
  • No artificial colors
  • Easy to take chewable tablet
  • One daily dose


Dextrose, magnesium citrate, cellulose, natural apple flavor, vanilla flavor, citric acid, magnesium stearate, sucralose


Researchers understand well Magnesium’s role in the body, but magnesium’s relationship to brain health isn’t as well understood. Overall research trends show that supplementation with Magnesium promotes brain health. To learn more about the research and studies NEBA Health has completed and gathered regarding the benefits and facts about Magnesium visit the link below.

Annotated bibliography for our dietary supplements.

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Frequently asked Questions

Does your product contain sugar?

Yes. Captain Clam contains a relatively small amount of dextrose (also known as glucose, or table sugar). We understand that reducing any excess sugar is a very important goal for some families. One often competing goal parents have is getting their kid to take a daily supplement. Sugar helps kids take supplements. Conscious of your goal to reduce sugar we made every effort to keep the amount low (2 grams) or 5% of the DV. This is a relatively low amount compared to some common foods your kid might encounter (a soda has near 50 grams of sugar; cinnamon roll (17 grams); Frosted Flakes (11 grams)). We made a tradeoff. Make a great tasting product that a kid will take daily, that contains some sugar.

Can Captain Calm™ cause tummy trouble?

Maybe. We recommend that you start with ½ a tablet (they are scored so you can break tablets in half). Our product contains magnesium citrate (about 130 milligrams per tablet to yield the 100mg dose). Magnesium citrate is a laxative when taken in much larger quantities, e.g. 17 grams. This is nearly 130 times the dose of our tablet and 260 times the dose of ½ tablet. While our very small dose may cause tummy trouble it’s unlikely.

Does your product contain any allergens?

No, our product does not contain any allergens.

What if we don’t like your product?

Just let customer service know by emailing and we will refund your money. No worries.

My child has sensory integration issues. Will s/he tolerate NEBA Health’s products?

Maybe. We put a lot of effort into formulating our products for taste and texture. Some kids on the ASD spectrum tolerate our products others don’t. See “what if we don’t like your product”.

Can my child take Captain Calm™ with other supplements?

Yes! Magnesium can be taken along with other supplements like our Brain Booster™ Omega-3 or Force Field™.

Do you formulate your own dietary supplements?

Yes. We don’t “private label” or “white label” any of our products. That is, we don’t buy any pre-made product and put our brand on it. We rigorously research and develop all our products through multiple iterations. We prototype them and test them to their specifications and for stability, flavor, appearance and the like until we get it right. Our development process ensures that we validate our products to our specifications. Now, our products might not meet your approval – e.g. you might not like the taste or the texture or the ingredients. But know that every one of our products is formulated by us and meets our specifications.

Are your products Made in the USA?

Yes. See “Do you manufacture your own dietary supplements.” All our products are made in the USA. We try to source all components from North America and European sources, countries that have reliable regulatory oversight and that require adherence to recognized quality standards for components. On receipt, we inspect all product components to ensure conformance to specifications.

Do you manufacture your own dietary supplements?

No. We use a USA based mid-sized contract manufacturer in the rural northeastern USA called Trividia. We love our manufacturer and know folks there by name. When we decided to produce dietary supplements, we contacted over 50 potential partners. We interviewed and met with many. This process took over a year. Our partners meet all our requirements. First, they have to be UL listed or NSF listed. This means they have a quality system that meets FDA requirements. Second, they had to have a clean quality record. Since we have our roots in developing FDA cleared medical devices our company culture values quality and FDA conformance. Third, they have to have a culture that matches ours. Any group we work with must value quality and customer safety over dollars.