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Rent NEBA® Uplink™ with Free Brain Booster and Supplies

Take control of your mental well being with help from UpLink™.

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$79.00 / month for 10 months

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Drug-Free Alternative
UpLink™ is an FDA cleared electrotherapy device.

Easy to Use
UpLink™ is available by prescription only and can be used at home or in a clinician’s office.

Effective and Safe
UpLink™ uses very low current electrical pulses.

Take control of your mental well being with help from UpLink™. UpLink is a safe therapeutic device.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Rent NEBA® Uplink™ with Free Brain Booster and Supplies

  1. Bobby B.

    Changed my life — My life is better because of all the ways this machine benefits me every day.
    I’ve had issues sleeping for 20 years & have been on every sleeping pill known to man. I’ve seen a sleep specialist for guidance and treatment and she definitely helped, but my sleep was still not consistent. I do nightly meditations and manage my stress well with professional guidance, but again, my sleep was still not consistent. Ever since being prescribed this machine it has changed my life. How has it changed my life? I’m glad you asked 🙂

    When I sleep, I sleep a LOT more deeply now. When I wake up, I actually feel like I slept well and feel very well rested. Having this machine for a month, my memory has improved, my ‘fuse’ isn’t as short with the kiddos and I’m much nicer to be around. I use the machine twice a day for 30 minutes and that’s it. I’ve recently discovered it’s like a magic bullet with headaches. Contracted a mild case of COVID-19 and when the headaches start – I grab the machine and within 15mins its gone. My stress is easier to manage now that I use this machine as well…..

    • NEBA Health

      We are glad to help!

      The FDA stuff: UpLink™ is not cleared for any particular mental health indication.

  2. Nancy S. PhD

    A Game Changer — As a psychologist in NYC, I see a lot of patients that can potentially benefit from Uplink. I just began prescribing Uplink, and immediately saw Uplink’s effectiveness in the first patient to use it. A patient that went from having suffered from depression for a number of years, became depression free in 2 wks. Now having used it for 4 wks, the patient remains depression free and will continue to use it as needed on a more infrequent basis. Other patients are reporting noticeable changes based on their diagnoses as well. Uplink is a game changer in the field of mental health treatment! As a clinician, I feel really appreciative to have something so simple to offer patients, and joy in their excitement in having something that helps them so easily and with no noticeable side effects. Thank you NEBA!

    • NEBA Health

      Thx Dr. Scott. We are glad to have helped.

      And now the FDA legal: Uplink is not labeled for any particular mental health indication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Uplink may be covered by insurance, depending on your carrier and plan provisions.

Call (888) 539-4267 for help checking your benefits to see if coverage is likely.

See our return policy, here. If UpLink™ doesn’t work for you within 30 days of receipt, send the device back in the original packaging. Contact customersupport@nebahealth.net and we’ll help you get started on your return.

Of course the policy is subject to reasonable restrictions like you can’t destroy the device and send it back for a refund.

Users can adjust intensity to the point that they may experience some mild discomfort. We recommend lowering the intensity to below your personal pain threshold.

You must be at least 18 years old.

To comply with FDA regulations.

To complete your order and for us to ship the device your physician needs to document your prescription using the UpLink™ Prescription Form. You can download the form, and then follow the instructions on it to electronically send the prescription to us. If we don’t receive your prescription within 30 days of your initial order, we’ll automatically issue you a refund.

The UpLink™ is made in the United States.