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Ear Clip Electrodes

For use with NEBA® UpLink™

Set of 2 ear clip electrodes for simple connectivity and comfortable, effective stimulation.



Ear Clip Electrodes (set of 2) for use with NEBA® UpLink™

  • Provides comfortable, effective stimulation
  • Spring design to help keep the clip in place on the ear
  • 2mm Pin-style connection for simple connectivity to UpLink™ lead wires
  • Recommended to be used with a conductive gel, spray or water
  • Not for use with tDCS devices.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz

How to use Ear Clip Electrodes with NEBA® UpLink™

1. Clean ears thoroughly with alcohol prep pads and allow them to dry.
2. Moisten electrode with conductive gel, spray or water.
3. Place electrodes on ears as directed by prescribing physician.
4. Connect ear clip electrodes to the lead wires supplied with your UpLink™
5. Make sure the UpLink™ is turned off and plug the lead cable into the jack.
6. Follow use instructions in your NEBA® UpLink™ user manual.

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